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Let’s face it, folks. You can’t spend every single night in your luxury apartments in Richmond. We know they’re comfortable, and we know they’re spacious, but you’ve got to get out every once in awhile! There are plenty of equally spacious and comfortable restaurants nearby, so enjoy dinner at one of Pearland’s fine establishments sometime this week.


Of course, restaurant costs add up quick. That’s why this week’s blog is all about saving money when dining out. Cooking for yourself is always the cheaper option, but it's rarely the more enjoyable option. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of four ways you can save some cash while still getting to try your favorite food at your favorite restaurants.

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Get more food by ordering it to go


If you walk into a restaurant and ask for the waiter to put your food straight into a to-go box, you’ll often end up with more food than you’d get if they served you on a plate. That’s because the large to-go boxes are much bigger than the plates, and waiters often just keep adding food to the boxes until they’re full. This is a secret that comes straight from waiters, so ask one of your waiter friends if it’s true. If it is, you can start using this restaurant hack right away.  


Check in to save on your final check


Restaurants often offer special deals to patrons who check-in to the restaurant on Yelp or Facebook. If you have the Yelp app, you can go to the restaurant’s page and see if there any special offers going on. Oftentimes it will be something small, like a free appetizer, $5 off your order, or a free drink. Still, that’s one less item for the waiter to put on your final bill!


Remember; the early bird gets the deals


The best time to eat at a restaurant is between the hours of 2pm and 6pm. This is usually the dead time for restaurants, so they have to offer deals to get people in the door. Restaurants that have different menus for dinner don't’ usually start serving them until 5 or 6 pm. If you can get there before then, you can score great deals on happy hour specials and non-dinner menu prices.


Pay no attention when the waiter lists the specials


Just to be clear, we’re not telling you to be rude to your waiter. We’re just saying that specials are often more expensive than the regular menu items. When your waiter starts listing the dinner specials for the evening, do your best to resist the temptation to order those specials. Unless the waiter says otherwise, those specials are usually much more expensive than the regular entrees. They might sound delicious when the waiter lists them out, but they’ll add a big number to your bill at the end of the night.

There you have it, folks. Those are four simple rules you can follow to get the most bang for your buck when dining out. If you enjoyed this post and want to read future blogs from Echelon On 99, check this page again in a couple weeks when our next blog goes live. As always, we appreciate those of you who continue to come back week after week to read our latest posts. Remember, you can stay up to date with everything happening at Echelon On 99 by following your community of Fort Bend apartments on social media.

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