Reviewing Restaurants near your Fort Bend Apartments

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There are lots of ways to find the best restaurant near your luxury apartments in Richmond. One way is to ask your Echelon on 99 neighbors for recommendations. Another way is to drive down the streets and scope out the restaurants with the least available parking spots, because you know those restaurants are popular. The third way is to read Yelp reviews.


The nice thing about using the Yelp review method to find a good restaurant, is that you don’t have to get off your couch. Imagine how hard it was for people in the 1970s to find good restaurants. They didn’t have thousands of reviews to read. No, they had to just guess which restaurant was good, and if they were wrong they were wrong. Sure, they had word of mouth recommendations, but Yelp is like the ultimate evolution of word of mouth.


In fact, Yelp has actually changed the way restaurants operate. Yelp reviewers often complain about factors like portion size, wait times, wat-staff attitude and more. If you’re going to run a restaurant in today’s day and age, you need to cater to the Yelp review crowd. The strange thing is, most of us have never left a Yelp review. That doesn’t mean we don’t read them, which means restaurants have to make sure a small percentage of the population writes positive reviews about their restaurant.


In this week’s blog post, we’re actually making it even easier for you to figure out which restaurant to go to next time you just don’t feel like whipping up a meal at our West Bellfort apartments. Not everyone is a master chef, and we understand if you want to let someone else to all the heavy lifting for tonight’s dinner.


Lomonte's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria


“I'll start with the bread, butter and dipping oil that is complimentary. The bread is soft on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside. The butter was filled with garlic and herbs- my favorite! The best part though, the olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar, herbs and Parmesan cheese. HEAVEN on a plate!”


— Ashley A.


Heaven on a plate? Well, you can’t beat that, especially when it's free!


Ninja Japanese Cuisine


“Best sashimi in Houston. Period. Get a bottle of Black and Gold Sake. Great ambiance, friendly staff, relaxing bar w/sports on flat screen.”


—Stephanie A.


The greater Houston Area is made of up more than 6 million people. According to this Yelp reviewer, the best sashimi in this region of 6 million people is located right near Echelon on 99. Well, lucky us!


Nick’s Italian Restaurant


“The staff were very knowledgable about the menu and selections and were happy to substitute whatever we did not want in our dish with something else.  I felt very happy and was even greeted when we walked in.”


— Omar Z.


Although this review isn’t about the food, specifically, readers should know that the food at Nick’s Restaurant is top notch. We just picked this review because the little things make all the difference when you’re dining out. It’s very rare that restaurants are willing to make substitutions for any items on the menu, and those that do should be celebrated!


As always, we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read the latest blog post from Echelon on 99 apartments. There are plenty of great restaurants around our community of West Bellfort apartments, and you can’t go wrong with any of the places listed above.

Be sure to check this page again in a couple weeks for another informative blog post. Also, you can follow Echelon on 99 on social media by clicking on the link. That’s the best way to stay up to date with everything happening at your Richmond apartment community.

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