Best Restaurants Near your West Bellfort Apartments

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Hey residents! Thanks for checking out the latest blog from your West Bellfort apartments. If you missed last week’s post, we explained how we’re starting this blog to deliver an even better experience to our residents. In addition to the luxury amenities in the community and the detailed finishings inside the apartments, we figured we’d share our expertise regarding the Richmond, TX community. Every other week, you can check this page to learn about local restaurant openings, events in the area, apartment lifestyle tips and more.


This week, we’re talking about our favorite restaurants in the Richmond, TX area. Of course, the city of Houston itself has some of the best restaurants in the country, whether you’re in the mood for BBQ, seafood or fine Italian food. Richmond, TX, however, does have its fair share of delicious eateries. The area around your Fort Bend apartments has delicious cuisine from India, Italy and Thailand, as well as local restaurants serving seafood that’s fresh from the Gulf of Mexico.


Check out the list below and be sure to share these tips with your friends and neighbors. Also, feel free to let us know on Facebook if we missed any awesome restaurants in the Richmond area.


Bombay Grill


Even if you don’t know anything about Indian food, Bombay Grill is a great place for a delicious meal. You don’t have to be able to pronounce the items on the menu to enjoy eating them! Two tried and true dishes at Bombay Grill are the Tikka Masala and the cheese naan bread, but you can get more adventurous as you get accustomed to the various spices and heat that is cooked into most Indian dishes.


Here’s a little extra tip for those Indian restaurant connoisseurs out there: Mushroom Saag isn’t on the menu, but according to one Yelp reviewer, they’ll make it for you if you ask politely. Don’t tell them we told you!


Pier 36 Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar


Start things off with the crab cake appetizer. End your night with their homemade bread pudding. It doesn’t matter what you eat in between, because everything is out of this world at Pier 36. The atmosphere inside is fun and festive, perfect for a restaurant that serves seafood with a cajun twist.


Most people go to Pier 36 to dine at the oyster bar, which serves a dozen oysters for only $11. It’s a great restaurant for everybody though—even oyster haters. We recommend the stuffed catfish and the bacon-wrapped shrimp as well.


Stevan’s Pho & Seafood


As you may be able to tell, there’s a seafood trend going on in Richmond. We may not be directly on the gulf, but we’re close enough to inspire plenty of restaurant owners to open seafood eateries. Stevan’s is no exception, but they decided to add a little twist by serving Pho as well.


Stevan’s reportedly has some of the best customer service of any restaurant in town. As for the food, you can’t go wrong order the beef and brisket pho. If pho isn’t your thing, Stevan’s serves a great cajun shrimp basket as well. The people at Stevan’s are extremely friendly, and it’s a family owned restaurant, so you can feel good about spending your money here.


Thanks for reading the latest blog post from Echelon on 99. If you end up trying on of the places on this list for your next date night, be sure to let us know! We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another informative blog post. While you wait for that, be sure to follow us on social media. There’s no better way to stay up to date with everything happening at your favorite luxury apartments in Richmond, TX.

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